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MEDICAL MISSION Travel Information

New Delhi- Jaipur – Agra



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Monday January 21- New York to New Delhi

Tuesday January 22- Arrival in New Delhi

Wednesday January 23- New Delhi

0900AM- 0300PM- Medical Mission at Mahipalpur Village- Dalit Village


Thursday January 24- New Delhi

0900AM- 0300PM- Medical Mission at Rangpuri Village-Dalit Village

Friday January 25- New Delhi

0800AM- 1200PM- Medical Mission at Ruchi Vihar- Dalit Village PM- City tour in New Delhi

Monday January 26 – New Delhi / Jaipur

Departure to Jaipur 4 hours driving

Tuesday January 27- Jaipur/ Agra


Address: Malviya Nagar Gopalpura Mode

Tonk Road- Jaipur

Suggestion: After hospital tour (around 10 AM) you should visit the Pink City and its historic sites on your own

03:00 PM- Departure from hotel to the City of Agra

Wednesday January 28- Agra/ New Delhi

0800 AM – Visit to Government Hospital of Agra

MDR 113W, Baroli Ahir, Agra,

Suggestion​​: After Hospital tour (around 10 AM) you should visit the world famous Taj Mahal on your own

03:00 PM – Departure to New Delhi with stop at the ​holy city of ​Vrindavan

Thursday January 29- New Delhi/New York


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SINGLE ROOM: $2,200.00 DOUBLE ROOM: $1,600.00 For payment please choose one of the following options:

FAHWA Donation options below:

1. Via Venmo, send to @NYRN-MedicalMissions

2. Via quick pay by Zelle send to email address (account name: FAHWA INC.)


3. Via Paypal

(Scroll down and look for the donation link).

4. By check, payable to “New York Recovery Network”: New York Recovery Network

NYSNA c/o David Gray

131 West 33rd Street 4FL

New York, NY 10001


1.Participants may be eligible to earn up to 55,5 CHs through the New York State Nurses Association Accredited Provider Unit.

2.Participants may be eligible to earn up to 5.6 CEU’s for this program.

3.Medical mission program costs will vary in accordance with travel expenses. The total program costs include a materials and workshop fee of $650.



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January 21, 2018 – New York to Dubai


January 29, 2018- New Delhi to New York TBA


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New Delhi TBA


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Rukmani Devi Beni Parsad Jaipuria Hospital is a general hospital run by the Government of Rajasthan with the help and advice of the Trustees of Rukmani Devi Jaipuria Charitable Trust, with 180 beds and has been constructed due to increase demand from patients. The total staff already working in the hospital is 145 including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and Office staff.



Agra has several government hospitals highly prefered by the population. The doctors are well trained and qualified to provide treatment for different diseases. They provide free medicines, surgery and treatment. Many of those hospitals are attached to medical colleges, providing to their students medical training.

Places to Visit during your free time

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Delhi,officiallytheN​ationalCapitalTerritoryofDelhi(N​CT​​),isacityanda​unionterritoryof India.​Itisborderedby​Haryanaonthreesidesandby​UttarPradeshtotheeast.TheNCTcoversan area of 1,484 square kilometres (573 sq mi). According to 2011 census, Delhi city’s proper populationwasover11million,thes​econdhighestinIndiaafterM​umbai​,whilethewholeNCT’s populationwasabout16.8million.Delhi’su​rbanareaisnowconsideredtoextendbeyondtheNCT boundary to include an estimated population of over 26 million people, making it the world’s ​second largesturbanarea.​Asof2016recentestimatesofthe​metroeconomyofitsu​rbanareahaveranked Delhi either the top or second ​most productive metro area of India.Delhi is the second wealthiest city afterM​umbaiinIndia,withatotalwealthof$450billionandhometo18billionairesand23,000 millionaires.


Agraisacityonthebanksofthe​riverYamunainthenorthern​stateofU​ttarPradesh,​India.​Itis206 kilometres (128 mi) south of the national capital New Delhi. Agra is one of the most populous cities

in ​Uttar Pradesh,​ and the 24th most populous in India.

Agra is a major tourist destination because of its many Mughal-era buildings, most notably the ​Tāj Mahal,​ A​ gra Fort​ and ​Fatehpūr Sikrī​, all three of which are U​ NESCO​ ​World Heritage Sites​.

The​TajMahalmeaningCrownofthePalaceisanivory-whitemarblem​ausoleumcommissionedin 1632bytheM​ughalemperor​,S​hahJahan(reignedfrom1628to1658),tohousethetombofhis favourite wife, ​Mumtaz Mahal​. The tomb is the centrepiece of a complex, which includes a ​mosque and a guest house, and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a ​crenellated​ wall.

TheTajMahalwasdesignatedasaU​NESCOW​orldHeritageSitein1983forbeing”thejewelof Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”. It is regardedbymanyasthebestexampleofM​ughalarchitectureandasymbolofIndia’srichhistory. The Taj Mahal attracts 7–8 million visitors a year. In 2007, it was declared a winner of the New7Wonders of the World​ (2000–2007) initiative.


Jaipuristhe​capitalandthelargestcityoftheI​ndian​stateofR​ajasthaninW​esternIndiaand standout amongst the most socially rich legacy urban areas in India. It was founded on 18 November 1727byJ​aiSinghII,​therulerofA​merafterwhomthecityisnamed.Asof2011,thecityhasa populationof3.1million,makingitthet​enthmostpopulouscityinthecountry.Jaipurisalsoknown asthePinkCityofIndialocated280km(174miles)fromtheIndiancapitalN​ewDelhi​.Thecitywas plannedin1726basedontheprinciplesofV​astushastraand​ShilpaShastraandtookfouryearsto complete the major roads, offices and palaces.

Vrindavan is also one of the ancient cities that have been mentioned in the holy Hindu scriptures. Along with Mathura, Vrindavan is described as one of the twin holy cities. The name Vrindavan refers to an ancient forest that existed here, of which two smaller groves still exist. Being the place where Lord Krishna is considered to have spent his childhood Vrindavan is a major pilgrim spot for the Hindus.


The best places to visit in Vrindavan, Nidhivan Temple is a treasure trove for both pilgrims and nature lovers. Mainly surrounded by trees where the branches are either tangled to the other trees or faced downwards, the locals believe them to be gopis, the queens of Sri Krishna. It is also said that as soon as the sun sets no one is allowed to stay back because Krishna and Radha along with the gopis perform Raas-Leela amid Nidhivan. This religious place in Vrindavan that is prohibited to be visited in the evening because it is believed that whosoever enters the forest after sunset either goes blind, deaf or dumb, basically not in a condition to narrate the story.

The average temperature for February: NEW DELHI – JAIPUR – AGRA

High Temperature Low Temperature Sunshine Hours

23°C 73°F. 11°C 52 °F.

10 hours


US Consulate:Shantipath,Chanakyapuri, New Delhi Phone:+911124198000

Indian police, simply dial 100

Rony Curvelo +13058739881

Chito Quijano +19298885120

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez + 17189207243 & +17187156241 Exchange rate: US$1.00 = INR 63.86 (rupees)