Description and rationale of the medical and solidarity mission

In the Philippines, health facilities and services remain to be highly urban-centered, inadequate, commercialized and inaccessible to the majority of the Filipino people while health workers have been severely inadequate and maldistributed. As NGO health and development workers, we have witnessed the dire and worsening Philippine health situation. Filipino people continue to suffer from the Philippine government’s non- prioritization of health and other social services.

On January 2023, the Filipino Nurses United (FNU) and Community Health Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera Region (CHESTCORE) in coordination with Filipino American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) will conduct a medical and solidarity mission in the Cordillera Region in the Philippines. The indigenous people in the region, generally poor communities, need medical services very badly because of inaccessible health services amid worsening poverty.

Set for a seven (7) day program, the medical and solidarity mission aims to serve hundreds of patients (children, adults, seniors) from several barangays assessed as the most in need. The donations received will be used for medicines for acute and chronic diseases, as well as transportation, accommodation and food expenses for the health team who will be in the region for 7 days/7 nights. Patients who live far from the mission site will be provided with free transportation. 

Our host organization in the Cordillera region is an NGO Community Based Health Program CHESTCORE. CHESTCORE’s assessment of the  community is that the people need sustained and continued efforts for other health activities such as training and education. The medical mission will also be in collaboration with the local people’s organization in the barangay (village) and the local government in the area.

We recommend that participants from the U.S. arrive in Manila on or before January 19, 2023. The whole trip including travel is 10 days, January 17-27, 2023. The program includes a field tour of communities in the region, debriefing of the medical mission and orientation/ discussion of the healthcare situation in the Philippines. We will also visit communities of the beautiful Sagada and Banaue rice terraces.

Dates: Tuesday, January 17-27, 2023 (including travel time to & from the Philippines)
Location: Cordillera Region, Philippines
Last day of registration: On or before Saturday, December 10, 2022.
Maximum participants: 15 persons only (first come – first serve basis) *Once the 15 slots are filled, registration will be closed even before last day of registration)
Reservation fee: Non-refundable US$300.00 due upon registration, applicable to the total cost per participant
Total Cost per participant: US$1800.00 (Balance of US$1500 must be received by Friday, December 30, 2022)
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