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Join FAHWA Today!

Anyone who adhere's to the mission of the Fostering Aide thru Health Workers Alliance. (FAHWA) may join the association. Whether you are born in the U.S. or the Philippines, or whether you consider yourself a Filipino or not, but you adhere to FAHWA's mission you...

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My First Medical Mission

By Dora Acevedo, RN, NP I went to the Philippines because I have always wanted to do a medical mission and this was the opportunity I was given to help. I traveled with a total of 17 people including myself: 10 NYSNA members & 1 staff, 1 respiratory therapist( a...

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Reporting Back from Philippines Medical Mission

By Maria Sol Del Castillo, RN, Alpha Acapulco, RN, MSN, & Heather McCartney, RN We are so blessed we're able to join NYSNA’s (New York State Nurses Association) delegation to the medical mission to the Philippines. This is our first time to join NYSNA medical...

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Mexico Medical Mission

Medical Mission to Mexico, May 22-26, 2018 held in the City of Hidalgo and Ejido La Libertad served about 500 patients, mostly women and children. We provided free medical screenings, consultations and medicine to the people, some are immigrants from Guatemala.

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